Your advantages with the GBA Blocked Account

  • Why should I choose the GBA Blocked Account as proof of my ability to support myself during my stay in Germany?
  • Which are the advantages of the GBA Blocked Account compared to other blocked accounts?
  • How soon will I get the confirmation for my blocked account?
  • Why is the GBA Blocked Account so much cheaper than other offers?

These and other questions will be answered in this section.

Advantage 1: Officially approved! - Fulfills all visa requirements

The official requirements concerning a German blocked account are complex. For example, the German right of residence and the regulations of the European Commission need to be considered. The GBA Blocked Account is accepted worldwide by all German authorities and fulfills all visa requirements . Our partner Expatrio, who provides the online conclusion of the German Blocked Account, is officially recommended by many German embassies.

Advantage 2: Quick! - Officially approved confirmation after 3 to 5 working days

Opening your blocked account only takes a few minutes. All you have to do then is transfer the blocked amount. In international payment traffic this usually takes 3 to 5 days. As soon as the receipt of the sum is registered, you will get the officially approved confirmation of your blocked account for your visa application.

Advantage 3: Inexpensive! - One-off set-up fee of €49, plus €5 monthly

The reason why the GBA Blocked Account is comparatively inexpensive is the highly professional and automated opening process of the blocked account. Our partner Expatrio consequently makes use of the latest information technologies in order to manage the necessary processes in a quick and simple way. Therefore you will hardly find a better online offer with a comparable processing time and comparable quality which is comparably inexpensive.

Advantage 4: Safe! - In cooperation with Aion

The money on your GBA Blocked Account is safe. The escrow services and payment provider Aion guarantees the correct and legally safe management of your blocked account.

Advantage 5: Competent! - Experts with years of experience

All participating partners offer the highest possible degree of competence in their respective fields:

  • DR-WALTER GmbH: expert in the field of providing safety for foreign visitors in Germany
  • Expatrio Global Services GmbH: your digital relocation partner
  • Aion Bank: your competent partner in the fields of escrow services and secure payment transactions

Advantage 6: Committed! - The brand DR-WALTER

For more than 60 years DR-WALTER has been a reliable partner in fulfilling the needs of foreign visitors. The brand DR-WALTER stands for everything that is mobile, open and active. DR-WALTER is a reliable partner for global travelers and companies. The staff of DR-WALTER GmbH works with commitment, passion and foresight to improve existing and develop new products, thereby providing customers with the best possible customer service and cover and supporting them wherever they need advice.

Advantage 7: Experienced! - On the market for decades

In 1959, Dr. Siegfried Walter registered his business as insurance broker. Until then health insurance for visitors from abroad did not exist, therefore Dr. Walter developed the first insurance cover for foreign visitors in Germany. Today, DR-WALTER is an integral part of both the German and the international insurance market.

Advantage 8: Easy! - No paperwork

Don't worry about bureaucratic hurdles, we will help you. Just open your blocked account online. The simple step-by-step online procedure automatically guides you through the opening process of your blocked account.

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