GBA Blocked Account
for study
in Germany.

Fast and affordable!

GBA German Blocked Account - quick, easy, inexpensive! Only €69 plus €5 per month!

GBA German Blocked Account is the perfect blocked account for your studies in Germany - also ideal for visa applications.

You need a German blocked account for your studies in Germany? Then our GBA Blocked Account is perfect for you.

Opening your GBA Blocked Account only takes a few minutes, and you will receive the official confirmation, which you need for your visa application, on the next day - at the latest. This blocked account is also ideal for language studies, internships and other types of stay.

You do not know if you really need a German blocked account for your studies or how much money you need to deposit in your account? No problem. We will give you all relevant information before you open your blocked account. So you can be sure that you will get exactly the blocked account you need.

We from DR-WALTER have supported foreign students for more than 60 years, and with our GBA Blocked Account we want to make admission to your studies in Germany a little easier for you. For this reason, we have a strong partner on our side: Expatrio Global Services GmbH, Germany's first relocation platform, which also aims at making students and other foreign visitors their stay as easy as possible.

Open your GBA Blocked Account now. Then you will already have cleared one hurdle on the way to getting your residence permit. You also need officially approved health insurance in order to get your residence permit? - In this case, we have the right solution for you, too.

Expatrio - competent, experienced, reliable

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GBA Blocked Account is a cooperation between DR-WALTER and Expatrio Global Services GmbH in Berlin. Expatrio is the ideal partner for digital relocation, no matter if you want to study in Germany or if you plan to live or work here for some time.

Expatrio will help you to make your stay in Germany as easy and comfortable as possible - competently, fairly and transparently. All partners of Expatrio share these high quality standards.